How To Step Up Your Instagram Game, Part 1

How To Step Up Your Instagram Game, Part 1

Nov 21 2019


Since Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, the platform has undergone substantial changes. Some for the better, some not so much, but as the way we use tech evolves so do the platforms we love. Instagram is no different.


Recently, there have been substantial changes to the user experience of Instagram (poll functions, Spotify integrations, shopping features for business accounts) as well as to the algorithm. All these changes play a large role in how your posts are shared in your network. Your followers will not always be shown your post anymore. Everything is performance driven. This mean when you post a photo, only 10% of your followers will be shown your photo. If that post sees a lot of engagement from the first 10%, it will then be delivered to the other 90%.


This part of the algorithm was developed to promote more organic and authentic content and reduce the number of bots used. Long term, this leads to healthier accounts as the engagement is coming from an interested audience. Short term, it can be hard to break past the first 10%. So, what can you do about it? Keep your eyes on our blog as we will be releasing a few different strategies to help you increase your post engagement. Below are a few quick tips to get you started.


Tip #1: Use the new features!
Experiment with all the tools Instagram has to offer! Try a few polls in your stories, add some emoji meters, and make sure you are taking full advantage of the story hashtag feature. That is a great way to expand your network right from your stories.


Tip #2: Take full advantage of your stories
Take your followers behind the scenes with your day to day activities on your stories. This is a great way to keep account engagement and increase your algorithm gold stars.


Tip #3: Step up your hashtag game
Following Google’s lead, Instagram is now punishing accounts that use large amounts of hashtags and hashtags that are not relevant to your post. Use that to your advantage, pick 5-10 hashtags per post that are relevant, and not overly used. Remember, Instagram is looking for engaging and authentic content, that includes your hashtags.