How To Step Up Your Instagram Game, Part 2

How To Step Up Your Instagram Game, Part 2

Nov 21 2019


In the last blog post we talked a lot of easy tips to increase your overall engagement (need a refresher? Click here). Staying on that theme, we are going to talk about your audience in this post. The changes to the Instagram algorithms and updates to features are all geared around improving the user experience for the everyday person.  Keeping that in mind, there are a few ways to help your content stand out.


Tip #1: Make sure you have a business profile on Instagram
If you have a business profile on Instagram, there is a lot of data you have access to through the insights section of your account. One of the data sets that is most helpful in terms of engagement is when your audience is most active on the platform. Try to be posting during hours of high engagement for the most reach per post.


Tip #2: Revisit your captions
Stay on top of your caption game. Again, the changes are to force content to be more authentic and original, a simple emoji doesn’t cut it anymore and will do more harm than good. Use a call to action-ask your followers a question, try and get them to like and comment on your posts.


Tip #3: Pay attention to your comments
Comments are now playing a hug role in increasing the reach your post gets. Once a user comments on your photo, you have 60 minutes to reply to that before your photo will be pulled from circulation. And that reply? Needs to be at least 4 words long to prove to Instagram you are not a bot. Sorry guys, but a simple thanks and an emoji will no longer do the trick!


Tip #4: Optimize your profile
You can now add hashtags and links to other pages directly to your bio. This allows for more people to find your profile. Make sure you are using relevant hashtags in your profile and including that hashtag in all of your posts.