How To Step Up Your Instagram, Part 3

How To Step Up Your Instagram, Part 3

Nov 21 2019

Here it is! The final installment of our Instagram series. If you missed part 1 and part 2, you can click the respect links to read through them. In our final part we are going to talk more about actively engaging your community versus passively engaging your community. First, what we mean by “actively engaging” is reaching out to other pages and engaging with your content to drive more traffic to your page versus “passively engaging” your community through simply posting and using proper hashtags.


One of the best strategies we have ever used is Gary Vaynerchuk’s $1.80 Strategy. The principal of this strategy is to target hashtags that are related to your brand and comment on the top posts inside that hashtag. This allows you to actively push your brand to a new audience and build a new network.


Make sure you are getting the most out of this strategy by not only engaging with the post but with others who have commented on the post. Be genuine when leaving your thoughts and build a positive space. You would be surprised how quickly you see growth on your page.


If you want to read the full strategy, click here.