Does your site speak Google?

Does your site speak Google?

Nov 21 2019

One of the biggest things we get asked about is how to make sites as Google friendly as possible. There are hundreds of ways to go about this as Google looks for over 200 points on your website when pulling suggestions for search results. Here are our most important three:

  1. Link Building
  2. High-Quality Content
  3. Fresh Content

Link building is the practice of linking your content to “expert” sites in order to pull up your page ranking. Read more here

High-Quality Content is another great way to make sure you are ranking high is through your content. Make sure your website content is easy to read, grammar and spelling error free, relevant to your page and website titles and is frequently updated. For more tips, click here.

Fresh content is another highly effective strategy. A great way to do this without needing to update page content every few months is a blog. This is also another helpful resource for link building strategies and social media content. For more, click here.

For more tips on the Google Algorithm, check this out.