Hannah Reed
19 April 2022
Industrial News

For sustainable revenue growth through steady customer investment, generating leads isn’t enough. It’s essential to makes these leads convert. Before discussing how to generate quality leads, let’s review the different types of leads all at different purchasing decisions. According to the AIDA model, each consumer will go through these four stages of the buying process.

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Awareness- Creating brand awareness or affiliation with your product or service. Your first step in lead generation is to improve your brand awareness.

Interest- Step two is to generate interest in your product or service. Produce sufficient interest to encourage the buyer to research further.

Desire- This step makes the gradual move from being interested in your product to wanting to buy your product.

Action- The sale. You can now begin to develop a relationship with your consumers and retain them for future sales.

A digital marketing strategy for lead generation should be targeted at all four stages of the consumer buying process. Accomplish this through paid and unpaid lead generating digital marketing opportunities.

Content Marketing

Content marketing should be the first step toward creating quality lead flow. Start by regularly posting news, blogs, and tips related to your industry. Use the data to enroll potential customers and keep them engaged by sharing more about your product or service. The more delighted a visitor is with your content, the more likely they are to click a call-to-action and move onto your landing page. Promote and create content online using marketing methods such as social, SEO, and email.


Remarketing helps with reinforcing your brand in the mind of the people who have already interacted with your brand on the web. Remarketing with paid ads is an effective way to bring back high-value leads to your website and convert them.


An organic search is one of the most valuable lead generation strategies. You must optimize your site for SEO if you want to tap into the surrounding community. SEO is important because it helps people who are searching for you to find you.

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