Hannah Reed
1 April 2022
Industrial News

Let’s discuss the importance of brand awareness for your business gaining customer loyalty. We’ll find out why you should prioritize brand awareness in your digital marketing campaigns. And, discover what marketing strategies you can use to establish your brand among your audience.

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awarness, in digital marketing, is a term that refers to the degree of consumer familiarity of a product by its name, using various marketing channels. Brand awareness distinguishes the product of a brand from its competitors. Put simply, it’s a measue of how well your target audience recognizes your brand.

What does a high level of brand awarness mean for your business? More sales.

When consumers are confronted by a choice, they are more likely to buy a product from a brand they are most familiar with. This is why brand awareness should be priority for a business.

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How do I Increase my Brand Awareness?

Digital marketing has become essential for businesses over the past few years. It is continuously dominating many marketing channels.

Here’s a few things digital marketing can do for your brand awareness:

  • Reach more targeted audience in a more cost-effective and measurable way.
  • Level the playing field, especially for small businesses.
  • Interact with prospects and learn valuable insights from them.
  • Reach a global marketplace.

Your customers are online. Using digital marketing channels is benefitial to reach them.

Digital Strategies to Increase Brand Awareness:


You want your brand to be found online and beat the competition. This is what Search Engine Optimization can accomplish for you. SEO helps show your products in front of your customers. This strategy allows your webpage to appear on the first page of search results, like Google. The primary role for SEO is to gain websites “unpaid” organic site traffic from the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This is done through various on-page and off-page methods.

SEO impacts brand awareness by exposing your website. With increased traffic to your website, your brand gets exposed to a broader audience. More exposure means more people recognize your brand.

Optimizing Content

Creating content is one thing, optimizing content is another. In order for Google to find your content, you have to add keywords to your page to increase organic visibility. Since you’re specifically targeting audiences in the awareness stage, it is also essential to optimize your content for non-commercial keywords. It’s also essential to put more focus on long-tail keywords (Long tail keywords are search phrases with longer word counts). This type of keyword has a higher percentage of click rate than generic searches. Aligning your keyword strategy with your branding helps your assert more control over the perception of your brand. This is why it’s important to choose keywords that are relevant to your brand.

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