Hannah Reed
21 April 2022
Industrial News

Take a minute to think about one of your favourite brands. A logo, storefront, colour, or a memorable ad campaign. A brand’s visual identity is a powerful tool for telling a company’s story and increasing revenue. When it’s done effectively, visual identity can communicate a particular feeling without the use of words. On the other hand, a poorly designed identity can confuse customers. Visual identity plays a huge role in branding, so it is important to understand what makes up an identity and how to create one.

What is Visual Identity?

A visual identity is the visual representation of a brand. From the colours of the logo to the design of a website or storefront. It encompasses everything you can see in connection to a company. It can be made up of graphics, animations, logos, colour palette, design, uniforms, packaging, etc. Developing a strong visual identity comes with may benefits and it creates an emotional connection with customers.

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Brand Identity VS. Visual Identity

Brand identity is the personality of your business, and visual identity is the visible expression of that personality. It gives customers a feeling they associate with your company, and it’s made up of the brand as a whole. Brand identity includes values, mission statement, tone, and brand persona. Whereas visual identity is a part of brand identity, though it focuses on how a brand is visually represented. It will require a separate approach, yet it does need to compliment the brand. Designers and creators are often in charge of visual identity, whereas the marketers and branding teams are more in charge of the brand identity.

How do I Create Visual Identity?

  1. Define your brand identity.
  2. Understand the principles of design.
  3. Create a story.
  4. Stay consistent.
  5. Keep the medium in mind.

Outline your visual identity and create graphics, then you’ll be ready to share your visual identity with the world! With patience and consistency, your brand will be recognizable at a first glance.

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