Hannah Reed
12 May 2022
Industrial News

Today, email is the standard digital communication for all. Making it a valuable channel for your marketing campaigns. Efficient and direct, email inherently offers amazing benefits to a marketer. Even so, this tool is an evolving technology that reaches a changing consumer base.

User-Generated Content

In the age of social media, everybody wants to share their opinion. Luckily, this can create some serious marketing material for your business… a.k.a, user-generated content. User-generated content includes any original content about your business created by an individual. This content comes in many forms, including:

  • Social media posts
  • Reviews
  • Videos
  • Comments
  • Blog Posts
  • Hashtags

People trust other people’s opinions more than a branded advertisement. And in this digital age, it’s the closest thing to word-of-mouth recommendations.

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AI Usage

Data is the currency of modern marketing. Humans can only handle so much information at once. That’s where AI picks up the slack. In 2022, artificial intelligence will become more important than ever to marketing. AI can store, track, and utilize numerous pieces of customer data, creating a more effective email marketing strategy. For example, email AI software can help:

  • Track customer response
  • Update address lists
  • Write effective subject lines
  • Customize promotions

In short, AI simply streamlines and improves all data-driven aspects of email marketing.  And as a bonus, this data optimization creates a higher ROI.

Mobile Optimization

It’s not just for laptops anymore. Up to 80% of mobile device users check their email through their smartphones. Often, companies fail to optimize their emails for mobile device use. This can be frustrating for customers. About three-quarters of users will instantly delete an email that fails to display properly on mobile, leading to countless loss of sales.


With email marketing, customers don’t just want a personalized email from brands… they now expect it. How can you make your buyers feel seen? Include some of these tactics for more personalized email marketing:

  • Use their name
  • Personalize recommendations
  • Offer tips and tricks
  • Remember special dates, like birthdays

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