Hannah Reed
10 May 2022
Industrial News

There is a direct relationship between user interface, marketing, and experience that can get overlooked by website developers. However, all three are integral pieces to the UX puzzle. A proper user interface can enhance your ROI. It’s important to know how UX/UI design can impact your digital marketing strategy.

UI Elements

One of the most important elements a UX/UI designer can implement is a beautiful external site. User experience begins once the customer looks at your website and can visually scan its features based on appearance. UI designers know that judging a book by its cover is essential. UI is the first impression your customers have of you.

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UX Elements

User experience is how successful your customer can navigate the website. Don’t forget about the overall appeal, which is where UI comes in. The marketing component here may not be as apparent as UI elements. Some of the examples includ:


47% of users expect a website to load in two seconds. If a user attempts to interact with a site that is slower than that, they’re going to click off and likely not ever return. Sometimes, the issue may not be on your end. It could be that your customers’ internet connection is too slow. Still, if your customers want to leave immediately, that will kill your marketing strategy. There’s no point in marketing a website that doesn’t even load. To combat this, many website owners try to reduce the amount of data their site uses to load by reducing videos, pictures, and effects on the front page.

Mobile Experience

Websites that don’t have a mobile equivalent lose over 50% of their user base. Unless you want to lose more than half your potential customers, it’s crucial to have a reliable, modern, and working desktop and mobile website. It’s easy to see why not having a mobile version of a website will kill marketing. It makes your product and business look outdated. Users should be able to make purchases and send emails effortlessly from their smartphones.

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