Hannah Reed
26 May 2022
Industrial News

Consumers are constantly bombarded with social alerts from friends, family, work and brands. Because of these disruptions, many disable notifications for email and other social networks. If you want to market in real time, you need to send a text message. However, for a successful SMS campaign, one that relies on text message marketing as a primary means of reaching existing customers, it must be legal and structured, and it needs to provide traceable, useful leads.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS mobile marketing involves businesses sending advertising messages to customers via short messaging service on their cellphones. Using SMS, businesses can send texts to those who have opted-in to receive them. Because mobile devices are increasingly ubiquitous, even basic cellphones have text-messaging capabilities. Most users take advantage of that feature. This technique uses direct marketing concepts to reach customers predisposed to open their messages right away. You can send bulk messages to groups of customers or audience segments, or customize the experience even more by sending individualized messages. This tactic allows you to bypass other marketing noises like social media ads, email marketing campaigns, etc.

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How Does SMS Marketing Work?

Text message marketing relies on a database consisting of your customers’ names, cell phone numbers and other information. Geographic region, customer categories, also customer interests help you track the sales process.

Text message marketing targets a specific audience.

As with any marketing endeavor, the more information you have on hand and the more specific your customer segments are, the better. Similar to how Facebook ads target people within a certain area, age, or interests. The best text message marketing is highly customized and geared toward a specific target audience. Through SMS marketing, you’re getting as specific as possible and meeting your customers where they are. Directly on their smartphones. By communicating your marketing messages to a targeted audience, you’re also able to cultivate more meaningful connections with users and interactions with qualified leads.

Text message marketing acts as part of an overall marketing campaign.

As a marketer, the most important thing to remember about all mobile marketing is that it should be part of an overall marketing campaign. No company should start text messaging marketing without a game plan on how it all fits together to reach new customers and gain traffic.

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