Hannah Reed
5 May 2022
Industrial News

There are hundreds of social media metrics that can be examined, each of them bringing you more insight about your audience, their relationship with your brand, and how they want to receive information from you. Social media offers so many useful tools for marketing purposes. And, most platforms over different sorts of tools. Let’s take a look at a few of the big ones, and which ones are most important to focus on.


1. Engagement

Engagement measures the number of times people took an action on your post. Actions can include clicks, comments, shares, or reactions. This metric is valuable because it gauges how much your audience likes your content. Learning what type of posts people engage with will help inform your strategy for content.

2. Reach

The reach indicates how many have seen your post. The changes to Facebook’s algorithms have made it slightly more difficult to have organic views. Even if a business has a large following, it doesn’t necessarily mean all of those followers will view their posts. You can access reach information by clicking the Overview tab of your Facebook insights. This metric can be useful to help show the amount of individual people that viewed your content.

3. Likes & Followers

Facebook likes and followers are important for audience measurements. Likes are often people who have shown interest in your page, whereas a follower is someone who has indicated a desire to see more of your posts. Remember to try your best at tracking the size of your audience. You want to ensure the number is continuously growing, and not shrinking.

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1. Impressions

On Instagram, this is the number of times your post was shown to your audience. Instagram analytics will break down the data further by providing you the impressions that came from the hashtags, home, or your profile. Using a quality hashtag can help improve the amount of impressions.

2. Discovery

The Discovery feature allows for users to find new and relevant content from accounts they don’t follow. The insights will show you the number of users who were reached through the Discovery feature.

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