Website Creation, SEO, and Digital Marketing Strategy

Van Isle Paint - A Painting Contractor


Van Isle Paint, a versatile commercial, healthcare, and residential painting contractor, recognized the need to strengthen its online presence and generate leads effectively. Partnering with Island Digital Marketing, the company sought to revamp its website, implement SEO best practices, and deploy targeted digital marketing strategies to capture diverse client segments.


As a multi-segment painting contractor, Van Isle Paint faced distinct challenges in catering to commercial, healthcare, and residential clients through its online platforms. The existing website lacked segment-specific content and failed to rank prominently in search engine results for relevant keywords. In addition, the company sought to enhance its brand visibility and outreach within each client segment.


Island Digital Marketing devised a tailored strategy to address Van Isle Paint‘s unique challenges and business objectives across commercial, healthcare, and residential sectors. The comprehensive strategy encompassed the following key components:

  1. Website Creation: The Island Digital Marketing team undertook a segment-focused approach to redesign the website, incorporating distinct sections that highlighted the company’s expertise in commercial, healthcare, and residential painting services. Emphasis was placed on optimizing the user experience and providing relevant content for each client segment.
  2. SEO Optimization: An extensive SEO strategy was implemented to target segment-specific keywords, optimize site structure, and enhance content to improve search engine visibility for commercial, healthcare, and residential painting services. Local SEO efforts were also employed to target specific geographic areas.
  3. Digital Marketing Campaigns: Island Digital Marketing proposed and executed targeted digital marketing campaigns with specific


The website creation, SEO optimization, and segment-specific digital marketing strategies were executed in collaboration with Van Isle Paint‘s team, ensuring alignment with the company’s unique brand and value propositions within each sector.


  1. Segment-Specific Visibility: The segment-driven website approach combined with targeted SEO efforts significantly improved Van Isle Paint‘s visibility for commercial, healthcare, and residential painting services. The company began ranking prominently for segment-specific keywords, attracting relevant traffic from diverse client segments.
  2. Enhanced Client Engagement: The revamped website’s segment-focused content and user-friendly design led to increased client engagement metrics, including longer session durations, reduced bounce rates, and a higher interaction with segment-specific service pages and inquiries.
  3. Expanded Client Base: Digital marketing campaigns tailored to commercial, healthcare, and residential audiences effectively broadened Van Isle Paint‘s reach and heightened brand awareness within each segment, resulting in increased lead generation and client acquisition.
  4. Improved Conversion Rates: The integrated digital marketing initiatives contributed to improved conversion rates, with targeted messaging and visuals resonating with commercial, healthcare, and residential clients, driving higher rates of inquiries and client conversions.


Through a holistic approach encompassing segment-specific website redesign, SEO optimization, and tailored digital marketing campaigns, Island Digital Marketing empowered Van Isle Paint to elevate its online presence and extend its reach within the commercial, healthcare, and residential painting sectors. The strategic collaboration resulted in tangible improvements in online visibility, client engagement, and lead generation across diverse client segments, reinforcing Van Isle Paint‘s position as a versatile and customer-focused painting contractor within its target markets.

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